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Getting started with TurboCX

TurboCX - Getting started with TurboCX

Prerequisite to onboard on WhatsApp Business API

  1. Facebook account of the business in which Facebook Business Manager is created or you want to create.
  2. Phone number(Existing WhatsApp should not be installed) where you can get a text message or phone call from WhatsApp to verify the number.
    1. If you'r already registered with WhatsApp, To delete the WhatsApp click here .


  1. You have to go to .
  2. Link address
  3. Fill out all the details and click Register Now you will get the OTP via email. Please make sure to enter Work email id personal email will not work.
  4. Link address
  5. Enter the 6-digit OTP and click on Verify(In case you don’t receive the click on Resend code).
  6. Link address
  7. After OTP verification click on the Login Now button.
  8. Link address
  9. After clicking on the Login Now button you will be redirected to to Dashboard. On the Dashboard, you will see the Start for Free button in the banner. Click on it a pop-up will appear you have to click on Start Free Onboarding.
  10. Link address
  11. That will open the below screen and click on Start Onboarding.
  12. Link address
  13. After clicking on Start Onboarding Facebook will open in a New window. If you are logged in already it will open a window like the below screen. (Make sure to log in to the Account in which the Facebook business manager is registered for the business. If not you have to create FBM for the business). Then click on the Continue button.
  14. Link address
  15. Then click on the Get Started button.
  16. Link address
  17. Select your Meta business account and fill out all the details in case it is not filled in and click on Next.
  18. Link address
  19. You will be able to see below screen you have to select Create a WhatsApp Business Account in the first one and the second Create a new WhatsApp Business profile and click on Next.
  20. Link address
  21. You have to fill in all the fields and click on Next button.
  22. Link address
  23. The next button will open a new screen like below here you have to select your phone number and country code and put the Number(Number should not be used in WhatsApp , WhatsApp business and WhatsApp business API) blog link to delete WhatsApp account. And you can choose Text message or Phone call to verify your otp that you will get on the number given here.
  24. Link address
  25. Enter the OTP and click on Next.
  26. Link address
  27. Then click on Continue.
  28. Link address
  29. And in the last step, you have to click on Finish.
  30. Link address
  31. After that Facebook Window will be closed and you have to go on the TurboCX app here the number is successfully onboarded on the WhatsApp business API.
  32. Link address