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TurboCX Dashboard

Your company's ONE official chat number.

"Easy to setup, easy to get going. Embedded API onboarding is such a breeze and takes only 10 minutes."

- Juan, Real Estate Business Owner, Ecuador

TurboCX Dashboard

One Number, One Inbox, Many Users.

"I onboarded 6 sales agents and monitored customer chats within minutes. Mind blown."

- Umang, Bespoke Luxury Business Owner, Bharat

TurboCX Dashboard

Comes with advanced Broadcasting.

"We use broadcast for our 650 SaaS Customers and keep them informed daily. We get so much engagement with TurboCX v/s others."

- Simon, SaaS Product Owner, Malaysia

TurboCX Dashboard

Free Professional DIY 24x7 Business Sales Chat Bot.

"My bot handles so many queries automatically. Thank you for this amazing product!"

- Mahesh, Online Training Business Owner

Sign up on TurboCX & Business API in minutes.

TurboCX - Gather the requirements
Gather the requirements

To create a new account, just be ready with an active mobile number, a Facebook Account, and a credit card for Meta conversation charges.

TurboCX - Sign up for free/Sign up and onboard
Sign up and onboard

Register for your free account on TurboCX then proceed with free integrated onboarding on Business API from the dashboard.

TurboCX - Pay per use only
Pay per use only

Immediately start using your account to connect with your customers at scale. You pay only for the conversations and nothing else.

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Infinite Use Cases in Sales, Marketing, Community Engagement, Operations, HR & Product Development.


Disclaimer: Screenshots are ONLY for representational purposes to show function. No copyright or trademark infringement is intended. All designs and marks are trademark of their respective owners. TurboCX is owned by EdgeCX Pvt. Ltd.

... and still, there's so much more!

Sales, marketing, customer service, automation, and integration - we cover all business areas your business needs to foster strong customer relationships.

TurboCX - Unified team inbox
Unified team inbox

Manage all your business communications on a single whatsapp number - sales, marketing & operations.

TurboCX - Collaboration tools
Collaboration tools

Private notes & editable customer profiles, plus multiple agents on chats make collaboration easy.

TurboCX - Simplified team management
Simplified team management

Make managing your business easier. You can also set up tags, welcome messages & quick replies.

TurboCX - Auto save enquiries
Auto save enquiries

Automatically save incoming enquiries & leads, set SLAs for replies or closing & automate escalation.

TurboCX - Powerful contacts management
Powerful contacts management

Map contacts to preferred agents, import & export contacts plus access the full potential of data manipulation.

TurboCX - WhatsApp template support
WhatsApp template support

Send messages to unlimited contacts with WhatsApp templates, create and submit for approval, right from our dashboard.

TurboCX - Broadcast to contacts
Broadcast to contacts

Setup and schedule broadcasts in simple steps to target your contacts by tags, custom data imports, pre-set filters, and more.

TurboCX - Marketing management
Powerful 2 Way Chat

Engage audiences in real-time when they respond to your broadcast campaigns with auto chat assignment.

TurboCX - Billing dashboard
Billing dashboard

Get all your account usage analytics along with granular expense details on our easy to understand dashboard.

TurboCX - Companion mobile app
Companion mobile app

Monitor, track and manage your business conversations from your phone. Launching soon!.

TurboCX - Alerts & notifications
Alerts & notifications

Set up auto alerts for low balance, new chats, new messages, chats assigned, feedback.

TurboCX - Auto-assign chats
Auto-assign chats

Route incoming chats to specific teams by preferred agent or team or even the last contacted agent.

Only Rs 0.20 / conversation!

TurboCX is available at an unbelievable price of only Rs 0.20 / conversation. Sign up for free, start using and only pay for when you actually have conversations with your customers.

Business API charges are paid via credit card directly to Meta. We work at arms length with Meta as a Technology Service Provider.

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